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Accounting Service 

Phoenix Barrister (Thailand)

Accounting services provide by Phoenix Account Co., Ltd. our affiliate company.


We hereby provide our proposal for accounting services having details as follows:


Scope of Services:


Our services will be under the following scope:


1. Monthly Tax Filing


1.1 Monthly Corporate Withholding Tax returns (PND 1, PND 3, PND 53, PND 54, PND 36)

            a) Checking payment of services and withholding rate,

            b) Preparation the Withholding tax returns form,

            c) Submission the tax returns and payment with revenue department within 7th of the following month.


1.2 Monthly Value add Tax return (VAT) (PP 30)

            a) Preparation of input and output report,

            b) Preparation of value added tax (VAT) return form,

            c) Submission the VAT returns and payment with revenue department within 15th of the following month.


1.3 Social fund Registration and Return (SPR 1-10)

            a) Calculation of monthly Social contributions on the employees’ salaries,

            b) Preparation monthly Social security fund filling form,

            c) Submission the Social security fund form and payment within 15th of the following month.


2. Monthly Standard Bookkeeping (limited to 150 transactions per month)


2.1 To provide Services in relation to:

            a) Profit and Loss Statement listing revenue and detailing expense,

            b) Balance Sheet Show assets and liabilities,

            c) Trial Balance,

            d) General Ledger, Account payable, Account Receivable,

            e) Bank Reconciliation,

            f) Inventories.


3. Other Services


3.1 To provide advice in relation to:

             a) The preparation / filing of tax invoices, invoices, and receipts;

             b) The issuance of tax invoice under the Revenue Code;


3.2 To provide basic accounting advice:

             a) Via telephone;

             b) Via email correspondence;

             c) Through a meeting at your office;

             d) Via other means of communication;


3.3 To perform services in relation to the company’s monthly accounting

             a) To set up accounting plan;

             b) To advise on the bookkeeping and generating of monthly report;

             c) To do the tax filing;

             d) To meet with the Revenue Officer (if the company is investigated);




Our professional fee will be charged on base of transactions with reasonable fee afer discussion and obtained decision of the client (The fee excludes 7%VAT, government fee and transportation expense.)


Nevertheless,   We hereby reserve our rights to increase/decrease the above fee rate in good faith in necessarily as per the actual works we are required to handle after having due discussion and obtained prior consent of the client.


Exclusion Service


To avoid any confusion, we hereby note to you that we may need to charge separately for


               a) Preparing and calculating of Corporate income tax return (PND.50) is amount Baht 2,000,

               b) Auditing and preparing the yearend of Financial Statement.


Payment Term:


Our invoice will be served at every month-end. The credit term thereof is 30 days.



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